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Has it ever occurred to you that drinking tea with lemon could be related to a legend? Those who know about this legend are used to drinking tea with lemon, because if they don’t, perhaps they would feel pang of conscious.
This legend is a love story between a gardener and a daughter of pasha. The daughter of pasha fells in love with their gardener. As in all love stories the social inequality becomes an obstacle of love. Pasha was a cruel man and learning about his daughter and gardener's love story forbids them to meet. These lovers, as all the couples of love stories, were also stubborn and decide to run away. However their attempt fails. Pasha seeing couples' impudence not obeying his will, becomes furious and orders to throw the gardener into the pot full of boiling water. The pasha's daughter, as a sign of punishment to her father, and willing to be with her beloved forever, throws herself into the pot.
The lovers are buried side by side. Some time later a tree of lemon grows on the gardener's grave and tea tree grows on the girl's grave.
Since then people drink tea with lemon in order not to seperate the desperate lovers.


Gayane Astoyan


Gokchek Mammedova

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