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"Assli Kyaram" - a tragic love story about a young Armenian girl and an Azerbaijani boy. This story has been passed down by word of mouth through the centuries and has become a legend. The real names of the characters of the story were Mary and Mahmoud. The interesting thing about this story is that the storytellers changed the names of the heroes and gave them new names- Assli and Kyaram. Assli or Mary, was the daughter of a priest, and Kyaram or Mahmud, the son of a wealthy Azeri Khan. Asli and Kyaram lived in the same city. One day, they accidentally met and fell in love. Love is a gift in our lives, it made them happy. But happiness came to an end when Assli’s father learned of their love. One night, the father took his family and together with Assli, in secrecy left the town. The next day Kyaram began to look for Asli like a mad. He left his home in search of Assli. They say for years Kyaram roamed the hills and valleys, towns and villages, with the saz ( musical instrument) in hand, asking people, trees and shrubs, if they had seen Asli. Since then, people start to call him Assli Kyaram, which means someone, looking for Asli-the most important being in his life (in Azeri Asli means being crucially important for someone).
The end of the story is told differently.

According to one version, Kyaram  finally managed to find Assli. Asli’s father pretended that he agreed to give his daughter to Kyaram. Many other people as well as her father were against this alliance. Together, with Assli’s father,  they made a complot against the youngsters, and made Asli and Kyaram die.

Burning Love -Yanek Kyaram
According to another version, Kyaram  failed to find Asli. The fire of love was still so powerful in his heart that it burned him ultimately. Kyaram turned to ashes. When Assli learned about it, she came to Kyaram ‘s ashes. She wept for forty days and nights. One day she decided to wipe the ashes with her hair, but in the ashes of Kyaram the spark of love still remained, and all of sudden it turned into fire. The fire devoured Assli and turned her into ashes too.

Happy end
It is difficult to count how many different versions of this story came to us. There are so many of them, that this one, with a happy ending, has been added by me: Kyaram and Assli finally found each other and lived a long and happy life.
But would this story become a legend if it had a happy end? Would it come down to us through the centuries? I think that it is the very tragic end of the story has immortalized it as a legend.
Ashik Namik sings about the love that burnes Assli and Kyaram.


Ashot Mirzoyan, Gayane Astoyan


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