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The mystery of the Queen Tamara’s nine shrines is not revealed yet. According to the legend, Queen Tamara asked her relatives to make nine coffins, fill them with jewelry and gold and bury them in different places. Her body was supposed to be in one of them. She did this in order to circumvent her enemies, because they had threatened to rend and rob her body after her death, so that her soul could never find peace.
This story is supposed to have nothing to do with reality, but at the same time most people in Georgia are  in active search of this lost treasure.  
During our expedition to Tekali, one of the villagers took us to the ruins, which were found fifteen years ago. The archeologists proclaimed that it was one of Queen Tamara's false shrine. İt was a crossed-base small building in the ground. Nevertheless her body was not found there again. A coffin and pots full of jewelry were excavated from this site, which proved that this legend claimed to be true.

It was not the first time we had come across Tamara's false shrine’s during our expeditions. We ran into one of them in Gelati and another one in Khvamli.
Hope our next expedition will bring us to the lost treasures before other people would have found them. Wish to become rich? Then join our expeditions  . 


Gayane Astoyan

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