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“One hand”- many people think that the name of the village Tekali comes from the combination of these two words which in Turkish mean "one" and "hand." But this is not the case. Salman Mammadov, a resident of the village, an economist by profession, but a historian and poet at heart, tells us his version.
- At the time when the nomadic tribes moved from Central Asia to the Caucasus and Asia Minor there was the concept of the vanguard. This is when a group of men from the tribe go ahead of the tribe and scout out the area. Word teka exactly means vanguard, the leading squad. This name is typical for many other settlements in Central Asia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Back to that time, in the area where the village is now located, three tribes were settled down in close vicinity to each other-Tekali, Barakhli and Dzhalakhli. Subsequently, they came together and established a village- Tekali.  When this happened is not known, but the first written mention of the village can be found in a historical document from the 18th century. This document describes a conversation of the Persian Shah Abbas with a certain Sakinaz Khanum. When he asked, where she came from, Sakinaz responded that she was from Azerbaijan, but a descendant of a Georgian family, and she was born in the village that was behind the Red Bridge. Out of this description, it is clear that it is the village Tekali mentioned in this document.
In the North of Armenia, in the Shirak region, there is a village called Taknali. And that word would mean?


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