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In Tekali we tasted local bread - chornak. The  recipe is simple - flour, yeast, water , eggs. However, not without a little secret. For the preparation of the bread, instead of simple water, cheese water is used, which remains after  making cheese. As we were explained, the bread turns softer with cheese water.
Once the dough was ready to bake, the local stove – firryn was warmed up. Dried corn stalks are used for heating the stove. In order to keep the heat inside the stove, the chimney, made from a bucket without a bottom, is covered with a piece of tin. When the fire calmed down a little, the chimney was opened so that the smoke could come out and the bread would not smell with smoke. At that time loafs of  dough were placed in the stove. They were round, with a hole in the middle. Just minutes later  hot, fragrant, tasty bread was taken out of the stove. What a pleasure was it to eat such bread!
But in the Caucasian villages I am used to eating lavash. During the Soviet period the Caucasian bread - lavash used to be baked in villages. It was baked in the clay stoves which were dug in the ground – and were called tonir or tendir. We were told that they stopped baking lavash because the flour was better in the Soviet Union, while now – it is not good enough for baking lavash.
I think it would be extremely unpleasant and even tragic, if the Caucasus stopped baking lavash.



Armen Vardanyan



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