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As in many Azerbaijani villages, ashiks live in Tekali. Ashiks are professional musicians and performers of folk melodies. We met with Ashik Namik at his house. The Ashik met us at the doorstep of his home with a saz in his hands. Before we got to know his family- his father, wife and little son, the table was laid and the master started singing for us the first song. We did not even have time to turn on the video camera to record its first song. The Ashik sang a few songs and then told us a bit about an ashik’s art.

- Ashiks do not compose melodies; he or she is not a composer. They just impose poetic writings on the existing or self-created melodies, making the poems into ashik songs.
Azerbaijani Ashik Karachan Borcha conducted research and collected all the existing folk melodies. He found seventy three such melodies or tunes. Each has a name- Fakhri, Dubeyte, Sharli and others. The meaning of the names of many of them we do not know, because they have come to us from old times, and we do not know what that word meant in those days.
The Ashik was happy to answer all of our questions, but it became clear to us that the best storytellers are his songs. An Ashik’s music can tell us about ourselves and about the ashik and even about all of us.
When we said goodbye to the Master Namik, we asked him if he wanted his son to become an ashik? Namik shook his head and said with a smile: “No, it is too difficult- an Ashik’s life”.



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Ashik Namik

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