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Novruz, the Muslim New Year, is celebrated in the spring on March 21.
This day was not randomly selected. On  March 21, the duration of the day and night are equal, which symbolizes the revival of nature, when the New Year starts its new life-circle. Usually during this day and the next day people lay tables, rejoice, host guest and visit friends.  Prior to the 21 st of March , on Tuesday night, people begin to talk about kindness, wish "happiness", "love", "health", "realization of dreams," to each other. During this time young people make wishes, cover their ears and begin to walk through the street and while randomly passing by a house they will uncover their ears. Whatever is heard from the house,  will be a prediction of a dream, if they hear “good luck” or “ happiness” the dream will come true, if they hear something bad then it is a prediction of something bad. On March 21 and the days preceding it, our planet Earth dissolves some mystical power, due to this energy the words and thoughts can be materialized  and allow people to realize their dreams, that’s why it is important for  people to talk and think about positive things those days. During Novruz young people go to random houses for fun, put their hats in front of the door, knock at the door and hide themselves; people should fill the hat with candy or other gifts.
Here I noticed an interesting phenomenon: different nations and cultures living side by side for years influence each other. Some elements from Christian traditions are also exercised during the  Novruz; such as jumping over the fire, or growing barley and painting eggs during Easter.  But to my  question,” What do these traditions symbolize?”, they replied "Nothing". Taking into consideration the fact that period of  Novruz coincides with Easter as well as other Christian traditions, it becomes obvious that Muslim people just liked these traditions and included them into Novrus celebrities.
Besides  Novruz, Azerbaijanis also celebrate the New Year on December 31, lay a table, decorate a  Christmas tree, visit friends and host guests.


Gayane Astoyan


Gyokchek Mammedov

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