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People in Tekali are used to saying  “Khankyal - ankyal” which means  “ khankyal is a problem”. In Tekali making khankyali is not a simple cooking process, it is a whole ritual.
The dough is made in a usual way: water, salt , flour and eggs. The most interesting part is that they boiled water for khankial on the fire in the yard. About eight people, both men and women, were involved in this process. After being cooked, khankyal (paces of dough) was distributed in three big saucers, and then covered with yogurt, fried onions and chicken meat. The eating process was also special; you needed to eat directly from the saucer with hands.
We, Armenians, also have a dish made with dough, similar to khankyal, however for making it we use all the modern means: electricity, gas stove and so on.
 But the thing I liked about Tekali khankyal was the process. The metallic pot totally covered with black cinder, the raging fire striving for the sky, the dense steam coming out of the pot caused me some extraordinary sensations of travelling back in time and becoming a member of some ancient tribe, where I was participating in a collective cooking ritual.


Gayane Astoyan


Angela Garibova

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