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On the streets, entrances to houses, everywhere in Tekali, you  come across a clumsy structure. This is a stove - firryn. It is difficult for a person to realize what this construction is, when he sees it for the first time. In order  not to confuse it with something else, one can even find a corresponding label on one of these constructions, that says - Firryn. Usually families located nearby each other use a firryn to prepare the local bread, chornak.
The culture of firryns originated here during the Soviet period. Prior to sthat, the villagers used stove- pits, called tonir or tndir, where they baked, widely spread in the Caucasus, bread- lavash.
No special skills are needed for building a firryn. Any of the villagers can make it out of bricks and stones. But these humpbacked constructions are still special! Everybody can use it, notwithstanding the fact who built it.
But, as usual, the concept “social" is perceived as "nobody’s." Perhaps that’s why nobody took care of the beauty of these buildings.


Armen Vardanyan



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