magic waterGelati Monastery has a magic fountain, over which a steeple is built.
This magical fountain is known to all Georgians.
People say this spirited  fountain has made people's dreams come true for centuries.


The  interesting thing  about this magical fountain is  that there is a special way of making a wish.In order to make a wish, you should stand with your face to the fountain and with your back to the water pool in front of it, then throw the coin into the water pool with your left hand over the right shoulder. Then you drink the water of the magical fountain and your dream will come true.
Whether this fountain makes  dreams come true or not is unknown, but people believe in it or want to believe and very often they travel a long way to come here and make a wish.



Material Director Gayane Astoyan

Videographer Armen Vardanyan


Nugzar Kokhreidze


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