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When you drive in villages of Kvemo-Kartli from the first look you will notice large, house long awnings, adjacent to the dwelling houses. Because of their height and semi-circular design they remind iron hangars. Those structures have appeared in these places recently. The locals call it “arch." This is a huge, vaulted roof, made of galvanized steel, adjacent to the front of a house. Most often it reaches the size of the house, and its height reaches up to the house roof. Arches are decorated with patterns, cut out from the same iron sheets.
Thanks to this canapé, called “arch," the big part of the yard turns into a "summer" room. Under an arch a large number of tables can be laid for the guests, attaining the multiple parties, which a family would do during a year. It is always dry and cool under the arch, because it is covered from the rain and sun. I was told by the locals that the tradition of building the arch came from Azerbaijan.
In Gyumri, Armenia on the sidewalk in a street I saw a small iron stand with a small semi-circular iron canopy. See for yourself -it's the arch!


Ashot  Mirzoyan

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