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Ashoug songs can be heard everywhere in the Caucasus, and not only in the Caucasus, but also in other parts of the world. Many nations, where ashoug songs once were sung or are still sung, consider it a part of their national culture, as something exclusively belonging to their own cultural repertoire.

As well as in many other areas, the lovers of tradition  and ashougs themselves believe that an ashoug song or melody was born exactly in the place where he heard it for the first time, and it should be sung in the language in which he has spoken since  childhood.
As always- we assume that the homeland of ashoug songs or music is nowere but our own homeland,  that it was born exactly where we were born and it is sung in the language that we speak.
So do Ashough Namik who lives in the village of Tekali  and all his fellow villagers when they believe that their region of Kvemo-Kartli, or, as it was formerly known, Borchalu is the center of ashough tradition.


Ashot  Mirzoyan


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