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In the Armenian Highland “Kochari” is the most popular and the most preserved Armenian dance. It is an ancient national, ritual dance coming from the pre - Christian period.

In this period, it was known as a dance performed during the ceremony of sacrificing animals. Later it became a military dance.
Apparently the root “koch” is connected with the name of the non-castrated ram. From the noun “ghoch” the adjective “ghochagh” is formed which means brave. Currently “Kochari” is one of the most favored types of dances, attractive with its coloring and its manly dynamics. “Kochari” clearly preserves the movements of fighting rams and goats, their characteristics and jumping. The meaning is more obviously expressed in forward swift offensive movements, as if taking a firm stance and a strong leap to hurt the foe.




Material Director Arpine Sargsyan
Videographer Nugzar Kokhreidze
Expert Hasmik Harutyunyan

Garnik Sardaryan

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