KHORUMIKhorumi is a military dance. This dance is typical to the Ajaria region, and depicts the Ajarian man. The dance represents an image of war and comprises two parts:
in the first part the dancers begin as if in exploration of the enemy territory, then comes the second part where the armies meet and fight.

As the dance teacher sais: «This dance was born at the same time as the Georgian man». This indicates the fact that the dance roots go into history's depths. The Georgians were almost always fighting in wars. And from time to time, when the fights , battles were stopped, they began to portray the war by dancing. At first, five or six people would perform the dance then the number of participants grew gradually and it has become a mass dance.

This dance is performed during weddings, feasts and concerts.



Material Director Gayane Astoyan
Videographer Taron Baloyan

Shota choreographer

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