Building of "Good Morning"

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House of aristocrats, building of lost destinies… Inhabitants of Gyumri call it the building of  “Good Morning”. Between the windows of the building oval medallions are engraved, which remind one of the mirrors of old washbasins and under the « mirror» another ornament looks  as if a towel is hung. Perhaps due to  these ornaments people have called the building Good Morning.

   In the 19th century this house belonged  to one of the aristocratic families' of the town.
The Drampyan brothers lived here; the elder brother had a reputation as greedy , the younger was one of the famous lovelass of the town. 
In the 1930s the building served as a jail of State Security.
  The beautiful building turned into a terrifying monster, most of the people who went inside disappeared without a trace, as if this monster had devoured them.
In the 1960s the cellar of the  building became a restaurant and the rooms on the upper floors were given to people for inhabitance.

Its sad reputation was almost forgotten, and this building immediately attracted curious people of the town, everybody wished to see the mysterious and aristocratic building from inside. 
    The cellar that had become a restaurant was composed of  several arched and multi-columned halls and resembled a  labyrinth.  The most beautiful part of the house is its inner balcony decorated with  wooden ornaments.  
  Now this building is in very dangerous condition and is on the verge of collapse.
The restaurant does not operate anymore, the flats are in poor condition, the families that still live here are looking forward to leaving soon.
Alas, this grain of Alexandrapol history may at any time disappear irrevocably.



Ashot Mirzoyan

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